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(Note: The conversation referenced here took place at a public event. No confidence is broken by recalling it here.)

Recently, I wrote a blog titled “Meet Evan Feinberg” in which I outlined some concerns I had about Evan Feinberg, who has embarked on a very negative campaign to become my representative in the 113th Congress of the United States.

In that blog, I mentioned that at a petition signing in Clinton, Pennsylvania, Feinberg had left a piece of official campaign literature that describes my current congressman, Tim Murphy, as “Rated in the Top 25 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).”

I wrote of my concern over that, noting that the organization known as CREW receives funding from George Soros. Evan Feinberg is running as a “reliable conservative” while parroting the opinions of Soros on his campaign literature to attack Tim Murphy.

When I wrote that blog, I wanted to believe that citing CREW’s opinion of an incumbent Republican congressman was simply a careless mistake.

I no longer believe that.

At a recent petition signing in Green Tree, Sarah Feinberg initiated a conversation with me, during which I asked her some of my questions directly.

When I asked her about the bullet point on the flyer that cited Soros’ CREW organization, she said CREW was recognized as an “objective” source. She said as long as the information was correct, it didn’t matter that Soros funds CREW. She said the same information was also presented by other sources (including a local television station). When I asked her why a card designed for a Republican primary campaign wouldn’t use one of those (more reputable) sources (instead of CREW), her answer was that she didn’t know, because she didn’t design the card.

Sarah brought some new cards with her. They were clearly a new batch of cards (the layout on the back is different), but most of the words are the same—and the CREW citation is STILL THERE.

Not only is it still there, but it’s in bolder text than it was on the first flyer.

So the CREW citation was not just a careless or uniformed mistake. The Feinberg campaign specifically wanted it on there, even after attention was called to it. Although they say other sources provide the same information, they choose CREW over the supposed alternatives, deliberately and without apology.

What’s going on here?



I am staring a piece of printed literature from the Evan Feinberg for Congress campaign.

Lest you question its authenticity, be advised that I obtained it at a petition signing event where Feinberg was campaigning, and the literature I’m looking at was used by Feinberg personally to convince someone who had already signed a petition for Congressman Tim Murphy to strike out her name and then sign Feinberg’s petition.

On the back it says “Meet Evan Feinberg” and that is of great interest to me since I’ve been immersed in southwestern Pennsylvania politics since the spring of 2010 and I never heard of Feinberg till very recently.

The flyer is a very easy read. There aren’t many words on it. That said, some words that are missing speak volumes, and at least one set of words included raises serious red flags with me.

The flyer defines Evan Feinberg as a “reliable conservative.”

It’s curious to me that someone running for U.S. Congress in a 2012 Republican primary would not mention the word “Obama” yet Obama’s name is nowhere to be found on this flyer.

The flyer describes Tim Murphy as a “self-interested politician.”

Most of the stuff on the flyer is banal political chatter, but one of the key bullet points about Murphy should raise the eyebrows of most conservatives.

It says that Tim Murphy is “Rated in the Top 25 Most Corrupt Members of Congress (Citizens for Responsibilty and Ethics in Washington).”

Wow. How do you get rated among the 25 most corrupt members of a 535-member body?

That answer might lie with the source–the Citizens for Responsibilty and Ethics in Washington.


If that sounds familiar, CREW is the group that Christine O’Donnell asked the IRS to investigate because it had a tax-exempt status but still interfered in political campaigns such as hers and Sarah Palin’s.

CREW’s name should ring a bell with conservatives…it’s one the groups funded by a very familiar name, George Soros.

I have more questions than answers about a candidate whose official printed campaign literature attacks an incumbent Republican by name but never mentions Obama, then asks conservatives to base their decision on the opinions of a group funded by Soros.

I found it to be an interesting choice that the person who designed this flyer put Feinberg on the left and Murphy on the right. Should I read something into that?