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Yesterday, Donald Trump made a statement about abortion that triggered something of a firestorm…in the event that abortion became illegal, there should be “some form of punishment” for having one.

This statement was so controversial that it not only sent the usual cast of invertebrates to the microphones, it drew instant rebuke from the “March for Life.”

Even enthusiastic supporters of Trump are playing down the statement, saying he didn’t anticipate the question and therefore have time to “think through” his answer.

Here’s the thing…if he didn’t think it through, he must have instinctively gone to the idea that laws…have to be…enforced.

Remember that he raised eyebrows early on by simply suggesting that we enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

There’s the controversy. Our culture rewards selective enforcement of laws.

Consider that many folks now angered over potential enforcement of a nonexistent abortion ban previously supported a health care reform law that requires someone to have insurance, and penalizes them if they don’t, even if the person lost insurance because of the law.

President Obama told a woman to her face on live television that her mother should just “take the painkiller” at a certain age, because laws can’t be “subjective.” He spent the next several years subjectively enforcing the law and rewriting it through executive actions.

There’s no intellectual integrity, nor is there even an attempt at it.

There’s no longer any debate that abortionists know exactly what they’re doing. We’ve now seen the recordings of Dr. Savina Ginde saying “it’s a baby.” We’ve seen Planned Parenthood personnel say “it’s another boy” before procuring his organs.

Only in the minds of Planned Parenthood’s extenuators and enablers is there any remnant of ambiguity about whether a human baby is actually being killed.

The politicians who are financed by the abortion industry have increasingly diminished the value of life. “Black lives matter” to them only when convenient…not when they’re being taken by Dr. Ginde’s tools.

The outrage over Trump’s response isn’t borne of concern for women. It’s an expression of disbelief that anyone would actually do more than pay lip service to the issue.

When DC politicians failed to defund Planned Parenthood, it was the last straw for many. It’s part of why many voters want a President from the outside.

There must be some form of punishment for failure of elected officials.

Now you’re seeing some.



Another patch of political land I walk was scorched yesterday as Twitter exploded over a discussion about a National Enquirer article alleging a sex scandal involving Ted Cruz and five women. In a different time, I would have been surprised and disappointed. Yesterday, I was neither of those. Welcome to post-Obama presidential politics.

Cruz had spent the week talking about how “disgraceful” Donald Trump’s reaction was–to a conflict Cruz supporters started. I’ve discussed that in other blogs this week.

Early on in the day, supporters of Cruz were doing their social media rounds and wanted to talk about anything except the NE article. Curiously, the same media that obsessed over the integrity of Herman Cain’s marriage in 2012 seemed initially uninterested in the NE allegation. Eventually, Cruz denied the allegations, blamed Trump for them (which Donald used to hit Ted back), and Cruz supporters and some leftist media channels cooperated.

Some observers on Twitter identified one of the women in the NE article as Amanda Carpenter. I had seen that name on tweets regurgitated by the Cruz crew. I remembered her name because her tweets were extremely irritating. She was asked about the article and her response was “talk to my lawyer.”

I did my due diligence to ensure I was identifying the correct person and searched her name in DuckDuckGo. Among the ensuing results, I came across Amanda Carpenter’s “blacklist.”

On March 16, Amanda asked Twitter if anyone had compiled a “definitive list of conservatives who should be blackballed for supporting Trump.” If not, she said she would. On March 17, she clarified that her “blacklist is limited to people who have formally endorsed Trump” not those trying to explain him.

Others who offered support for her blacklist effort adopted the rallying cry “no forgiveness” which is a phrase I’ve heard a lot from anti-Trump zealots. That’s funny given how many Cruz supporters are screaming that real Christians can’t vote for Trump. Christians forgive.

Democrats had already started Amanda’s blacklist on a site they created to track governors who endorsed Trump. Some of Amanda’s work might be duplicating effort her allies already did.

It will be interesting to see if these folks can forgive the person who said “I like Donald Trump. I think he’s terrific. I think he’s brash. I think he speaks the truth.”

The person who said that was none other than Ted Cruz himself.


A pro-Cruz superPAC created a meme aimed at Trump’s wife. Trump responded by threatening to “spill the beans” about Mrs. Cruz.

In the era where a Vice-President calls out to crowd to help him find his “old butt buddy” and the President goes on morning television contemplating “whose ass to kick” nothing should surprise us. And the battle over the wives doesn’t shock me. I expect this stuff daily, and so should you.

This incident was good fodder for Cruz supporters. They rushed to take his side and denounce Trump as though this were the worst offense ever. Cruz himself responded by declaring that the initial attack on Mrs. Trump came from a superPAC that Cruz, by law, cannot control. If he denounced the meme, I missed it.

Voters don’t know all the rules around superPACS. Democrats think they’re inherently evil–unless the PAC is theirs. What Cruz said may have been technically correct, but his behavior regarding the incident didn’t seem very noble. I felt like Cruz was channeling less of Ronald Reagan from the 80’s and more of Ric Flair from that decade.

I feel that both Cruz and Trump behaved viciously over the wives, and I was glad to see it. Hopefully it portends how either would handle the daily assault from the left, when it comes down to binders, birth control, and Big Bird.

Of course, John Kasich wasn’t involved and took no damage. Which is fascinating, because he has famously said he will not “take the low road to the highest office in the land.”

Kasich appears to have surged in Pennsylvania, which may be problematic for Cruz. As I’ve said, the goal of a growing number in the GOP is a contested convention. Cruz supporters believe that would give Ted the nomination if he can’t get more delegates than Trump before then. But there’s an incessant stream of material from the left that Hillary would crush Trump. Cruz has echoed that. But Kasich touts polls that say ONLY HE can beat Hillary. If Kasich wins Pennsylvania, he gains more credibility going into the convention.

If the GOP is willing to do a contested convention and nominate an anti-Trump, WHY NOT give it to Kasich?

This week, Cruz reminded me of the “dirtiest player” in pro wrestling.

Will Cruz get hit in the back with a chair before or during the convention?


By now, you might have heard the term “open” or “brokered” associated with the upcoming political convention. For my part, I prefer the term “contested.”

But I definitely don’t prefer to HAVE a contested GOP convention in 2016.

Since I joined the Republican Party in 2010, I’ve seen dubious decisions made, but this is far and away the craziest thing I’ve witnessed since then.

To those just joining us…

Contested conventions apparently were normal in the past…or so I hear…until later 20th Century. But for anyone my age or younger, they are NOT normal. It’s been a while since we had one. Which makes us ask why some Republicans want one NOW.

There’s a simple answer…Jeb Bush isn’t happy that he spent a lot of money for so few votes.

To illustrate the magnitude of Jeb’s epic failure, consider this: A former elected official in our area actually got on the ballot in Iowa. I think he ended up with 5 votes. Based on a reasonable estimate of what that cost him, this guy…who had few friends left here and had no name recognition outside Allegheny County…actually got a better dollar-vote ratio value than Jeb Bush. If Jeb Bush had listened to people, he’d have known they weren’t interested in another Bush for President yet. In fact, the Washington elites so badly misread voter sentiment, they ended up adopting their previous nemesis Ted Cruz as their poster child. All of this was necessary because Donald Trump got more traction and votes than they could. The idea of this contested convention is simply to take the nomination out of the voters’ hands. It isn’t much more complicated than that.

To those seeking a contested convention…

This “contested convention” some of you desire is an absolute disaster in the making. There is very little Trump could do as President and NOTHING he could do if he loses that will be as disastrous and damaging to you as an open convention that gives the nomination to someone else.

Nominating Cruz in a contested convention just because he couldn’t get more votes than Trump would be bad enough. But why is Kasich in the race? Other than a contested convention that simply gives the nomination to the last man standing that isn’t Trump or Cruz, Kasich has NO POSSIBLE path to the nomination. Get that?



Oh hey, if you’re a card-carrying member of the coalition between the Republican Establishment (TM) or the Tea Party (TM), I have a quick question to ask:


Yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition to emphasize my amazement. Because you and I are observing two very different realities right now.

First off, you’ve been at each other so often since 2010 that the left called it a “civil war.” Unlike most stuff the left comes up with, that one actually felt real a time or two.

Notice I said “you both.” I can say that. Because I’ve been ON BOTH SIDES. That depended on the circumstances, most obvious of which were the candidates involved in that particular election.

I’m trying not to take offense to the fact that I couldn’t always get you to work together when it mattered most. The jealous part of me wants to ask what Trump has that I don’t. But that’s irrelevant.

What has given you/us success since 2010 was the fact that we WEREN’T the DEMOCRATS.

Don’t kid yourselves. The people gave us majorities in state and federal legislatures because those were “wave” elections. In 2010 it was outrage over the passing of Obamacare, the law that brought me into this in the first place. In 2014, we won because Obamacare was implemented. Anyone else see a pattern there?

What I see is in 2016 is a genuine movement. People actually coming out FOR a candidate…Donald Trump. Stop viewing his supporters as beneath you and JUST LISTEN TO THEM.

One of the events that made me declare my support for Trump was that outside the beltway, real people have chosen this guy.

Someone who moved to Pennsylvania last year asked me to get him registered to vote. Do you know why? He said he wanted to vote for Trump. I said “you’ve been a Democrat all your life…you’ll have to register as a Republican.”

He said that was ok. He wanted to vote…FOR TRUMP.

Get that? Not for Cruz. Not for Kasich. Not against Hillary. He said “for Trump.”

Would you seriously rather have an open convention than embrace a movement so powerful it forced Cruz and Romney to become best buddies?

I plead with you to hear this…that would be an enormous mistake.

Again I ask: What are you looking at?


Are you smarter than a Trump voter?

Obviously the left responds “yes” as loud as they can. Then again, they have trouble using words accurately. For the left, “free universal health care” means you lose the health insurance they promised you could keep, then under penalty of a fine you are forced to pay a higher price for a plan you may not want or need from a website that doesn’t work. And if you have an issue with any of that, you must be more racist than people in the party that chose civil war over giving up slavery. Of course, an excellent measurement of their enlightenment is that some of them are so feral they block you from getting to rallies then call you a fascist when you object.

Then there’s the “right” who (on paper) are my “allies” in political activity. Establishment Republicans who pay the bills doing political work are now joining forces with Tea Party folks who change the world from the safety of their keyboards, all in an effort to prove how much smarter they are than Trump voters. To their credit at least, I suppose, some of them limit their attacks to their perception of Trump’s knowledge. But I’ve seen too many of them directly attack the intelligence of Trump voters. If you follow the delegate count, that’s the majority of Republican voters so far in 2016.

Even if you truly didn’t understand the appeal of Trump in this current presidential environment (which I do), what is to be gained by screaming about how stupid you think these people are?

A lot of it isn’t personal. People are butthurt that voters could choose Trump over their preferred candidate. But it translates into a direct attack on Trump voters that I’d expect politicos would want to persuade. If I had a fever, and the only cure was Ted Cruz and his new pal Mitt Romney, I would try to sweet talk Trump voters rather than attack them.

ATTACKING TRUMP VOTERS AND CALLING THEM STUPID IS A DEFECTIVE STRATEGY. They have ALREADY rejected your intellectual authority. The credentials you cite have already failed to impress these voters.

See that?

Are you smarter than a Trump voter? Probably not. But if all you bring to the conversation are your incessant rants about about how smart you think you are, you shatter the illusion of that possibility.


Dear Trump voter,

They malign you and call you names. If conservatives appear to understand you at all, it’s just to say that going against the establishment is a nice idea but you should be supporting Cruz.

Leftists of course call you racist, Nazi, misogynist, etc…curiously, the same things they said about Romney. Mitt always found it easier to attack Republicans than Obama. That’s why Obama’s campaign succeeded in its effort to “kill Romney” in 2012.

You owe the left no apologies. Zero.

Some of them will vote for a man who once opined that “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.” Or they will vote for a woman whose husband behaved as if he shared that belief when he was President.

Some of them will vote for a man who wages unprovoked war on the deodorant industry. Or they will vote for a woman who is being investigated because she exposed the most highly classified info owned by the United States.

You can see by the left’s behavior…blocking access to rallies and trying desperately to shout you down…that they are afraid of you.

The material isn’t original…they say the same things about Trump they’ve said about every Republican, but this time they’ve internalized it and really put their hateful hearts into it.

Of course, I’m having difficulty telling left from right among the DC politicians and talking heads.

Some of the left’s calumnies are being happily parroted…by the Republican establishment, and by the fraudulent “Tea Party” which is simply an alternative Republican establishment with a different set of elites at the helm.

Because of your passion and commitment, the domestic and international left, the Republican establishment, and the Tea Party are literally seeking the same goal…to prevent a potential Trump presidency.

I’ve been amazed at how quickly they speak of a desire to thwart you. They are openly strategizing about a contested convention because they know none of their candidates have the energy to match yours.

So my message to you begins by telling you that I want no part of that. I will not join the Republican establishment and the Tea Party as they share common cause with the left in this presidential race.

So this is my message for Trump voters.

I get it.

Actually, I have another message…I’m with you.