Today I want to introduce you to something I’m calling “The Dotard Principle.” The name I chose for it is is new, but the principle itself is very old.

The leaders of North Korea have been explicitly threatening the United States and staging demonstrations of the country’s progress toward backing up their threats for at least two decades. Both the 43rd and 44th American Presidents directly acknowledged the North Korean threat by name.

The 45th President took a bit of a harsher tone, referring to the cure leader of North Korea as “Rocket Man.” Rocket Man responded by calling POTUS 45 a “dotard” which basically means “crazy old man.”

Critics of POTUS 45 took to social media to join in and propagate the insult, as well as to congratulate and thank Rocket Man for introducing them to a brand new word they could use to taunt people who disagree with them.

That is “The Dotard Principle” in action. It’s born of a worldview that you, or some person you consider enlightened, is the rightful arbiter of reality itself.

What happened is simple. Rocket Man threatened the United States. The United States responded. The Supreme Leader of North Korea is called that for a reason. He believes he is right to do what he wants and is above reproach. Critics of POTUS 45 can relate to that, because that worldview syncs nicely with their own.

Currently, those same critics are busy trying to prove that Russia influenced the outcome of the 2016 election. This has always been an interesting narrative.

First, these critics have no issues with past examples of some of their most revered politicians seeking help from other countries, including Russia, to try and defeat opponents they couldn’t beat alone. Further, they not only accept, but welcome, perhaps even demand that American media and corporations get involved in the election on behalf of the “right person.”

Second, the “Russia hacked us” narrative was a prominent theme of the 2016 campaign. Voters unaware of that message were likely not plugged into society enough to come out and vote. The narrative was rejected by a majority of American states. It only mattered then, as it does now, because the establishment candidate lost.

But that’s The Dotard Principle, which the American “resistance” shares with a North Korean dictator…it means only what I want matters, and to hell with anyone who disagrees.

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