Note: I may have repeatedly spelled Colin KAEPERNICK’s name incorrectly.

I think I got confused about the spelling because there was a hashtag #ImWithKap that was going around.

Given that people are now saying so many contradictory things to justify the #TakeAKnee debacle now that it’s blown up in their face, it’s quite fitting that those #WithKap should unwittingly encourage the misspelling of his name.

As I pointed out in my last blog, the entire controversy over Kapernick’s unemployment is entirely the result of the NFL universe operating as normal. No person who puts their life on the line for these players or even pays to see them play should have to suffer through this ridiculous drama because 32 NFL teams wouldn’t hire Kaepernick and Goodell felt like he needed to shame them into it…and after all of this…still COULD NOT DO IT.

So just to recap, the entire Kaepernick controversy started because Colin and his teammate Eric Reid began kneeling during the anthem to protest blacks being killed by police. Eric Reid got to explain in a New York Times op-ed that “faith” led them to do this.

Today we’re being assured that it’s not a slam against the military or the national anthem. The Cleveland Browns recently locked arms with police and I’m assuming none of the players were wearing Kap-inspired police pig socks at that time.

It’s difficult to tell where the players doing this to protest against police leaves off and solidarity with the still unemployed Kaepernick takes over.

And for every single thing you read on Twitter about “we aren’t doing it as an attack on the military (or police when they’re holding hands with you?) or the country” YOU WILL FIND PEOPLE EXPRESSING SUPPORT FOR #TakeAKnee BECAUSE THEY SAW IT as a protest against America, the military, and whatever else their grievance was.

You simply cannot reasonably do the deliberate opposite of what the announcer says asks you to do to “honor America” and think it won’t be construed as dishonoring America. PERIOD.

I want you to take note of the volumes of text that have been pressed and propagated to explain the “real reason” for the kneeling.

WHY didn’t they spend that effort reaching out to people with their ACTUAL message from the start?

The only logical explanation is that these rationales being offered are simply retroactive continuity for damage control after the backlash.

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