As you may know, I spent time over the summer building a website to track the success of two fantasy football teams. After this weekend’s theatrics by the NFL, I have suspended that endeavor indefinitely, likely permanently.

There was not a shred of political anything on that site. I once considered making the statement that experts making predictions should have not split their time between the predictions and “trying to find a job for Colin Kapernick.”

I didn’t.

Even so, politics came crashing down on the league, and my site, as a result of the seed Kapernick planted in the league.

I should have seen it. The current NFL leadership sees the league as one part business, one part social justice advocacy. And by “social justice” it means the “right person wins.” To hell with the system, laws, and with you if you disagree with the Commissioner, who decides who the right person is.

If the NFL is opposed to “fascism” that opposition isn’t based on philosophy. It’s territorial. The NFL will not accept other fascism to encroach on its own fascism.

Strong words? Yep. Can I back them up? We’ll see.

Notice I didn’t say the NFL were Nazis. I said current NFL leadership uses an approach that is mechanically similar to a fascist approach of brutal autocracy that does what it wants, when and how it wants, without any consideration for reason or tolerance of dissent.

Of course my reaction is to the NFL’s full-throated endorsement of Colin Kapernick. He WAS an NFL player who last season garnered headlines for kneeling during the National Anthem. He said he did it to protest injustice. Specifically that injustice meant police killing black people, the origin of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Kapernick was seen socks that featured pigs with police hats.

The NFL had a decision to make. It made an unforced error. It could simply have enforced its own rule book that says players must participate in the anthem. The announcer says at the beginning of the anthem “please rise to honor America” with a display of the flag in what has become a very military-oriented display since 9/11. If you deliberately do the opposite of rise, you can’t be viewed as “honoring America.”

None of the owners hired Kapernick this season, despite daily demands from the NFL and media.

That’s how we got to this point over the weekend that you had a Steelers team cowering in a tunnel behind veteran Alejandro Villanueva, who became a national hero for simply refusing to dishonor the flag for which he fought.

The videos of people burning Steeler jerseys can all be traced to the the behavior of two men: Colin Kapernick and Roger Goodell.

We’ll explore this in more detail this week.

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