Continuing our theme, we need to be clear about the two men who have brought to the NFL the troubles currently plaguing it: Colin Kapernick and Roger Goodell.

Sure, the President gets credit for bringing the situation to head, but it’s been brewing for some time. If anything, President Trump shortened the proverbial war and saved millions of proverbial lives by utilizing his position to force the NFL to reckon with its brazen hypocrisy on the matter.

That Kapernick and Goodell are to blame is beyond debate, because both of them did their part BEFORE Trump was elected.

As a standard-bearer for a cause, Kapernick is no more reliable than he was an NFL quarterback. While many people have since latched onto Kapernick, it’s important to remember that he was on record rejecting Donald Trump AND Hillary Clinton as worthy of his vote for President, so he didn’t vote. Couple that with his potential to inflame the situation
by depicting cops as pigs with his socks, and you begin to see clearly that he was merely bringing the controversy around police onto the field. That was often in view of police who had never been charged with anything except being ready to risk their lives for his safety if necessary. So Kapernick was only ever grandstanding for his own whims, doing whatever he wanted, not caring about consequences.

Kapernick’s ENTIRE message can be resolved down to a simple axiom: “Due process is not sufficient to achieve justice for black men.”

However, he forgets that Ravens legend Ray Lewis was once on trial for killing someone. There was definitely a time it appeared he might be convicted. He wasn’t. Around that same time, Rae Carruth was convicted and sentenced for shooting his pregnant girlfriend. Two black men playing in the NFL. Two men accused of crimes. One was convicted. One was not.
Rae Carruth was released by his team and it’s possible this is the first time you ever heard his name. Ray Lewis was welcomed back to the Ravens and became their most iconic player.

The due process system seemed to work fine for the NFL back then. Because it determined which player the NFL reveres and which one it forgot, in the case of Lewis and Carruth.

The NFL accepted justice by due process.

But Kapernick wasn’t actually facing any charges himself. He was simply creating controversy.

But he was also charging full speed to unemployment…

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