It was 2013.

Much of the nation’s attention was on Obamacare, which had entered the phase of true implementation. Democrats had literally accepted a government shutdown in order to prevent Republicans from changing the law or even delaying the implementation. During the shutdown, there was wall-to-wall media coverage of various things Democrats were doing to highlight the shutdown and blame it on Republicans trying to prevent Obamacare’s implementation. So ALL eyes were now on the implementation.

The disastrous implementation made most Americans forget the shutdown. It ultimately cost the HHS Secretary her position. It forced President Obama, angry and annoyed, to walk out and address why people were having their health insurance cancelled, after being promised they could keep them “no matter what.”

Around this time, a young black mother who worked in health care, drove up to the White House, with her small child in the back seat.

She was told to stop the car, but instead she pulled out and drove away from the White House.

She was shot and killed by Capitol Police. Her child survived.

The late woman’s name was Miriam Carey.

Media acknowledgement of this incident lasted about a day. Then, except for a few brief scattered followups, all acknowledgement of it disappeared, and Miriam Carey was forgotten by everyone except people who knew her…and people like me, who that maybe a citizen with a small child in her car being shot dead by police in DC deserved more attention than it got, and maybe a little discussion.

But no politicians demanded investigations. No Democrats wore hoodies. No journalists put their hands up. There were no theatrics over Miriam Carey. She was simply forgotten.

And NO NFL players kneeled during anthems to remember her.

Which leads to my primary question: When Colin Kaepernick started kneeling (because, in his own words per NFL.com, he REFUSED to SUPPORT A COUNTRY that mistreats blacks), did he think of Miriam Carey? Did he know who she was?

The only time I know of Carey showing up in any #BlackLivesMatter lists on Twitter was when I trolled them and added her name and tricked someone into retweeting it.

Al Green, a Democrat in Congress, plans to try to IMPEACH President Trump, specifically for using language that offended mothers of anti-American protesters like Kaepernick.

Why does one black woman’s feelings justify impeachment of a President, while the killing of another black woman by police in DC mean absolutely nothing to Green and other members of Congress?

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